UVC Sanitation Lamp

UVC Sanitation Lamp

UVC Sanitation Lamp

Get in possession of this beneficial UVC sanitation lamp and use it throughout your home to safely sterilize and sanitize rooms. It can be used in rooms of up to 430 sq. ft. We recommend this product to be used in living rooms or public areas such as waiting rooms, doctor offices, and restaurants. This device should be turned on at the end of the day when people are not present to provide a sanitized space for the next morning. It kills insects, mold, bacteria and mite excrements.

UVC works by destroying the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, killing cells and achieving the effect of sterilization. The lamp uses just 38W to safely sterilize and disinfect hard surfaces and the air in a room. Infrared Sensors will turn the lamp off if humans or pets detected. It will resume functioning when a person or pet leaves the room.

UVC sanitation lamp is light weight, so it can be easily moved from room to room. It is available in black and white colors. There is a door hanger to remind you when the room is being sanitized.

It also has remote control with timer and works through walls so you can turn it on after leaving the room. The timer will help you turn off the lamp when the desired time is reached.

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